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At Thrive Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments. Read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have to say about care with us.

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Made Me Feel Like I Mattered

Dr. Keller and her staff are astounding! I felt welcomed and cared for the minute I stepped through the door. They all paid attention to my needs and concerns and made me feel like I mattered. Dr. Keller’s holistic approach and her also having all three of her children naturally, really resonated with me and made me feel empowered to be cared for by such a woman. I would never go to anyone else. Thanks, Dr. Keller and staff for welcoming me and my growing son. We love you!

- Symone W.

Wonderful Service

The service was wonderful from beginning to end. As soon as you walk in you are greeted by two lovely smiles that you can tell aren’t forced; they are truly glad to be there. They direct you right to where you need to be waiting even if briefly to make sure you are comfortable and content. While waiting in the aesthetically inviting waiting area, gentle yet thoughtful blends of aromatherapeutic essential oils greeted my nostrils with welcoming wishes of good tidings. I found the peer-reviewed articles throughout to be both informative and corroborative to the mission of the practice and that stood out to me as well-rounded, thoughtful, and surprisingly pleasant. Even as a male without kids, I was able to find great articles to prepare me for a young family and also address health issues pertinent to my story amongst the magazine pages. When they’re ready for you they take you to a hideaway bungalow known as the traction room. Equipped with a dimmer switch and MORE thoughtful blends of aromatherapeutic essential oils, but get this: they are beyond thoughtful because it is as if the oils anticipated your most recent stay in the waiting room and are complimenting your most recent aromatherapy session and accentuating it even more with a new yet complimentary blend of oils. Who does this? Who has this kind of service and attention to detail before even seeing the chiropractor? Answer to follow.

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As you begin rolling out on the freshly cleaned traction table with the lights dimmed (if you want they can be left bright) tension is released effortlessly as you sit and ponder life’s greatest questions. If every business had a room like this in their building, I imagine we would see productivity skyrocket and problem-solving become reimagined and sound.

After the traction finishes all too soon, you are met, once again with an authentic smile and direction to the “on deck” waiting room. Young parents, no need to worry, this is not a closed-off room separate from everything else but is actually a part of the open area which includes the waiting area, front desk, and “on deck” area. So your kids are never too far away or out of sight. Of course they have stimulating children’s books and peer-reviewed articles, are you surprised? They also have fun toys and tables to continue developing creativity, friendship, and personality in a way that other areas don’t compare to. And we haven’t even seen the chiropractor yet. I forgot to mention there are a plethora of coffee and tea selections complimentary to the patients, as well as an incredibly considerate child safety lock on the spouts for refreshing, reverse-osmosis water.

Now finally to the chiropractor! With a welcoming smile, you are greeted by either Dr. Brittney or Dr. Nicole, both with merits galore and a team of natural health, wellness-driven techniques that go FAR beyond just some cracks here and there. They look at your body temperature in certain areas and can tell where your body is holding stress and treat it accordingly. One day, Dr. Nicole took my temp at my cervical spine and knew instantly that my fourth toe on my right foot was out of line. Can you believe that?!?! Well, that isn’t true but that’s what it feels like. Both Dr. Brittney and Dr. Nicole know the body well and where to free it up to promote more efficient inner healing. What a deal!

Then you’re back to the front desk with more great smiles and you’ll be walking on air as your life has literally been changed. Now don’t get me wrong, chiropractic doesn’t fix everything instantly as some would say, nor is it meant to be a quick fix without any true work at the true issue, it is a realignment of the body that lets the nervous system work effectively to heal itself the best it can! Looking for a chiropractor elsewhere? Pfft. Why bother. Have my words not been convincing enough? You won’t find this kind of care elsewhere and you won’t find a more driven duo of doctors intent on coming alongside your health journey and pursuing wellness with you and for you. So is 5 stars enough? Probably not. I don’t even think there are 5 starts in this comment feature. But if there was I would file a complaint and say that there are not enough stars to accurately rate this delightful place. 5 galaxies? Maybe, but who rates with galaxies? PEOPLE WHO ARE TOO GOOD FOR STARS THAT’S WHO. Thank you Thrive Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture. Thank you for your team and care and inviting facility and all the aforementioned. Mostly though thx for D’Anna.

- Erik G.

A Comforting Experience

I appreciated how thorough and comforting my experience was. I was reflecting on how I was made to feel because after all of the pain I had felt I started to feel helpless and that I would continue to feel like my body was no longer able to keep up with kids and hold my baby. After my consultation, I felt hopeful and I look forward to being taken seriously and to seeing the causes of my pain identified.

- Jillian S.

Excellent Treatment and Care

Both my 2-year-old daughter and I have seen Dr. Brittney on a regular basis. She is so great with my daughter. Cecilia always looks forward to seeing Dr. Brittney for her adjustment. It has helped keep her little body regular and healthy. I have also benefited from Dr. Brittney’s adjustments and treatments. It has significantly improved tension in my neck and shoulders. Overall Dr. Brittney is an extremely caring and intuitive person who provides excellent treatment and care.

- Katie S.

Dr. Brittney Helped Me Make It Through My Pregnancy!

I started seeing Brittney with my first pregnancy. I had some low back pain when sitting up or down off the floor. She knew exactly what to do, and I don’t know how I would have made it through my pregnancy without her. She also helps relieve tightness and knots in my neck and shoulders. One last thing, she helped round out my baby’s head. It was flat on one side. It was a very gentle technique. Strongly recommend her!

- Ali T.

Wants the Absolute Best For Her Patients

Dr. Brittney has been a mentor of mine as I went through chiropractic school. She loves her patients and wants nothing less than the absolute best for them. I am so excited to see her blossom in her own pediatric and prenatal-focused office. If you’re in Lincoln, bring your whole family in to see her and see how your family can be healthier without the use of drugs.

- Tiffany W.


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