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Pregnant womanAs a chiropractor and mother of three, Dr. Brittney is particularly passionate about helping her pregnant patients have a healthy and happy birth experience. To further provide expertise and knowledge to them, Dr. Brittany has undergone training as a BIRTHFIT provider.

“My role is facilitator—to help educate and empower women through pregnancy,” said Dr. Brittney. She helps women prepare their body for birth, and wants them to trust their body through birth. Dr. Brittney also provides critical postpartum support to help women journey through that challenging period.

The Biggest Athletic Event

One of the main premises that BIRTHFIT was founded on is that birth is the biggest athletic event we will ever endure. We have to train for it. “Rather than leaving the fate of our pregnancy and birth in our providers’ hands, we want to empower women with the knowledge and confidence they were designed to give birth—and they can do this,” said Dr. Brittney.


BIRTHFIT coaching during pregnancy can help you maintain or even gain more core strength and stability, which is important for supporting your spine and addressing low back pain and pelvic pain, which are commonplace in pregnancy.

Here are some other ways BIRTHFIT can help moms-to-be:

  • Equipping them with the tools to prepare themselves for birth
  • Providing the options for different interventions (e.g., C-section, vacuum or forceps) and the pros and cons for each
  • Empowering them to decide whether they want an intervention or not

Partnering With a BIRTHFIT Coach

Through pregnancy, women tend to lose a lot of core stability. The joints get looser, and women are more prone to aches, pains, and inflammation, along with losing much strength and stability during pregnancy. To help pregnant women get their body fit for pregnancy, Dr. Brittney forged a partnership with Heather Ford, a BIRTHFIT coach in town.

Heather Ford is also a CrossFit trainer at Lincoln Nutrition Fitness/Crossfit Lincoln, who can take pregnant women through a fitness program to help their body prepare for giving birth. As many pregnant women are unsure of what exercises are safe, Heather Ford will let clients know which ones are safe and which ones should be avoided.

Dr. Brittney refers patients to Heather Ford, and she refers clients to Dr. Brittney for chiropractic care. Please note the fitness coaching is done at a local gym, not at our practice.

The Role of Chiropractic during Pregnancy & Postpartum

Pregnant woman with husbandChiropractic care is not only for back pain or aches and pains, but also helps prepare the body for birth, while aiming to avoid interventions. Because chiropractic removes nervous system interference, women under care can enjoy better postpartum recovery. Dr. Brittney hears from patients who received chiropractic care through pregnancy that their postpartum recoveries are much easier and quicker.

During postpartum, many women have pressure to get in shape ASAP, but BIRTHFIT is about giving our bodies grace for the process, and we need to honor our bodies through that process.” – Dr. Brittney

A woman’s body needs time to heal and be ready for exercise again. Postpartum, all that core strength and stability we lost through pregnancy needs to be restored. “We have to be intentional about repairing, rebuilding, and re-strengthening that core and everything after giving birth,” said Dr. Brittney.

Dr. Brittney offers targeted rehab, core strength and stability exercises to help repair the core. She can also recommend exercises to help heal and strengthen the pelvic floor.

Providing You With Resources

As a BIRTHFIT leader, Dr. Brittney has a network of providers passionate about natural birth. She has the resources to point women in the right direction if she feels there’s someone else who can help them better with what they’re going through.

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Dr. Brittney wants to help you have a positive pregnancy and a healthy, happy and strong baby. For more information about BIRTHFIT, call (402) 615-6022 today!


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