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Meet The Team at
Thrive Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Get to Know Our Lincoln Staff

Alaina Williams, Care Coordinator
Alaina Williams,
Care Coordinator
I have been with Thrive since close to the beginning of it’s story caring for families in the Lincoln area. I absolutely LOVE coming to work everyday with the opportunity to connect and help moms and families live their absolute best lives! One of my favorite things is watching a family who has been struggling with different things, whether it be their baby isn’t sleeping, has constant ear infections, isn’t latching, a kiddo with ADHD, a difficult pregnancy, etc, go through chiropractic care and their story be complete flipped around to the positive and their lives truly be changed for the better! It’s just truly the best job in the world. Outside of work, I enjoy chasing around my toddler, playing volleyball, going to the lake, traveling and relaxing with family!
Julia Effle,
Care Advocate
My name is Julia! I’m new to the Thrive family but have loved every second of it so far. I love chiropractic because of how well it aligns with the values of my life. I’ve experienced chiropractic care through my entire pregnancy and have overall felt amazing and I have to credit chiropractic for that! Overall, working at Thrive is something I look forward to doing every single day! When I’m not at work, you can find me hanging out with my significant other, James, my step son Kingsley, our puppy Roscoe and soon to arrive, little baby girl! I spend some of my free time dabbling in the world of photography and hanging out with my close friends and family during lots of game nights!
Shelby Gunther, Care Advocate
Shelby Gunther,
Care Advocate
Originally what brought me to chiropractic care was an injury in the weight room in middle school. From there, I was consistently adjusted throughout high school. During my junior year of high school, I suffered a hip injury from softball and my trainer at the time referred me to Dr. Scott for care. During my time being under Dr. Scott’s care, I became fascinated in chiropractic and how much there was to offer in the career field.

Fast forward a little to my junior year of college, I was looking for an internship for the summer and reached out to Thrive & Dr. Scott to see if I could intern there for the summer. During this internship I was exposed to a whole different side of chiropractic that I absolutely loved. As an exercise science major myself, the way the doctors studied the nervous system and the underlying stress it undergoes on a daily basis was so fascinating to me and still is to this day.

After fulfilling my internship credits for school, I started working as a care advocate while also continuing my studies to become a chiropractor myself & playing softball at Nebraska Wesleyan University. I love being at Thrive every single minute and learning from the best people in the business in addition to being around families & seeing the progress right in front of my eyes that our patients experience from care!

Jill Schwarz
Jill Schwarz,
Care Advocate
Hello! My name is Jill. I’m new here at Thrive but not new to chiropractic. I have always been interested in chiropractic care so was excited to have the opportunity to continue my love for a more holistic approach here at Thrive. I have seen such a huge difference in my own health and wellbeing since starting adjustments and getting my nervous system functioning at its best. I love working at Thrive because I get to see the hope and miracles through our patient’s journeys daily. I have a 12 year old daughter named Jaiyana who keeps me busy as she is involved in many activities. Outside of work I enjoy attending her sporting events, watching movies, shopping and hanging with family. I cannot wait to get to know our Thrive families even better throughout the years.
Kayden Pringle
Kayden Pringle,
Care Advocate
I didn’t know much about chiropractic care until I reached motherhood. I wanted to give my little one a healthier lifestyle, because she constantly struggled with always getting sick, and not being 100% in her health. Through working at Thrive, I’ve gotten the privilege to see my daughter grow in her health, but also other families! I love how lives have changed, my own included, through the practice of chiropractic care. I’ve learned how important chiropractic care is to life, and keeping your body functioning at its best! It has furthered my passion of helping people, and makes working at Thrive a complete joy. Outside of work I enjoy watching my little one grow, playing guitar, song writing, and traveling/enjoying the outdoors!
Kalin Paisley
Kalin Paisley,
Care Advocate
I’m always striving to create a healthy environment for myself and kiddos and chiropractic has lead the way to make that happen! I feel so fortunate to have the Thrive Team on our health journey because our passion for helping families radiates throughout the office! I’m so excited to meet your families and help you on your very own health journey at Thrive!

Raelynn and Ruby Keller

Raelynn and Ruby Keller,
Master Papershredders & Toy Cleaners

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