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About Us

Feeling a strong calling from God, Dr. Brittney Keller decided to open Thrive Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture in 2016. “As a Christian, my faith in God directs me. I felt that He guided the entire process of opening up our chiropractic care center. The space blossomed before my eyes,” she says. Her faith guides her in everything she does and every choice that she makes.

Our Lincoln practice focuses on helping kids, families and pregnant women.

The Importance of Proper Nervous System Function

We aim to reduce stress or interference in the nervous system so you can express life to the fullest.

The Practice’s Vision and Mission

Our vision is that all of the mothers, children and families of Lancaster County are healthy, well and thriving because they come to our office for natural healthcare solutions and regular wellness adjustments.
Our mission is to promote the health of the children and families in our community, primarily by reducing interference to the vital nervous system that we live our life through.

Helping kids

As a mom of three young children, Dr. Brittney is passionate about helping kids thrive. With children, we see asthma, allergies and anxiety, as well as sensory processing disorder. To increase her education, Dr. Brittney received training through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).

Assisting moms-to-be

Chiropractic during pregnancy can help moms-to-be feel and function better. Perhaps you’re hoping to have a natural birth or a birth with fewer interventions. Chiropractic can help you achieve your goals. Dr. Brittney is certified in the Webster Technique.

Helping Moms and Children Stay Well

Dr. Brittney’s motive behind wanting to help women preconception through pregnancy is to help them have a healthier birth so they can heave a healthier baby.

One of our patients is a mother who has three young kids. She and her children are all under wellness care. They know that it helps them to be as healthy as they can be. This practice member is one of many moms who don’t want their children to rely on medications to stay healthy. “These mothers are proactive. They know they’re doing everything they can to support immune system function and overall health,” says Dr. Brittney.

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