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3 Reasons Pregnancy is the Best Time to Start Chiropractic Care

There are few things as important — or as packed with benefits — as chiropractic care, no matter where you’re at in life. However, there’s something extra special about chiropractic care during pregnancy. The benefits are massive, from reducing your labor time all the way to improving general comfort and giving you a lower-risk pregnancy.


It’s why we’re such big fans of recommending that our pregnant patients start chiropractic care as soon as they find out they’re carrying, and why we spend such a huge amount of time in our practice dedicated to pregnancy care.


Are you curious as to why chiropractic care during pregnancy carries so many benefits? We have you covered.


Why chiropractic care during pregnancy is so important

The connection between your spine and your general wellness is everything (and then some), and it’s even more important while you carry a baby to term. We’re huge believers here in holistic, whole-body wellness, and know that the baby absorbs the mama’s health and stress while in utero.


When you invest in chiropractic during pregnancy, you’re allowing your pathways to be consistently cleared, you’re lowering your body’s stress hormones, and you’re providing your baby with an environment that’s rooted in wellness. Plus, the alignment of your spine during pregnancy is absolutely essential to preparing your body for birth as a whole.


3 Reasons Pregnancy is the Best Time to Start Chiropractic Care

There’s no better time to start chiropractic care than during pregnancy or while trying to get pregnant, for several reasons. Here’s why we recommend chiropractic care to expectant mamas, and 3 reasons why we believe that pregnancy is the best time to start chiropractic care:


Get pelvis in alignment: Preparing the pelvis for birth — and doing so effectively — is how you can ensure a natural birth. Chiropractic care helps you to get the pelvis in alignment, supporting the spine as you follow through to term. By being able to reach total pelvic alignment and reducing tension on ligaments, the baby has space to grow, and you have space to continue growing your baby in ways that give you both optimal freedom of movement.


Promote a healthier pregnancy: The alignment and overall wellness that chiropractic care promotes leads you to a healthier overall lifestyle, and this includes your pregnancy as a whole, as well. By getting regular chiropractic care during pregnancy, you’ll, in turn, be more intentionally focused on a healthier, more holistic approach to your pregnancy.


Help with pregnancy comfort: While we think that there are far more important things to chiropractic care than comfort — and we’re big believers that pain is always a symptom of something else — we know that comfort in pregnancy is a huge deal. When you get regular chiropractic care during pregnancy, you can ensure more comfort and less pain as stress and tension is relieved and managed in areas like your pelvis and lower back.



If you’re pregnant or trying to become pregnant, trust us: chiropractic care will be a huge, huge help to you. If you’re in the Lincoln area, we’d love to help you on your journey to become a healthier, more aligned version of yourself. Request an appointment with us here.

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